Lighting Design Services

You have spent countless hours to design how your event space is to look and it needs just a hint if color or a larger amount to transform the whole room. We offer wireless decor lighting. When it is set up they are surrounded by a half-moon white frosted shield so that you do not see just a piece of equipment on the ground. We want to take the same effort and time to display the lighting as you did with your decorations for your celebration. We encourage you to visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages for examples of our work.

As of November 2017 we have introduced the MJEAE Console. It is a roll in unit that has a 65”4k Smart TV. There are so many applications that we have already used it and clients are raving about it. Let us show you we can incorporate it in your event.

We also offer our monogram packages that can show names, company logos, and more. Please visit our social media to see the variety of designs and patterns.

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Mike Jones Entertainment and Events | Lighting Design
Mike Jones Entertainment and Events | Lighting Design