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Are You Insured?

Yes! A one million dollar liability policy protects you and your event at all times. Our equipment is also covered against theft, loss, fire, etc. Insurance protection is often the most overlooked qualification when looking for a DJ. Don’t just ask your potential DJ if they are insured, demand proof.

Can We Meet With You?

Yes! Both current and potential clients are encouraged to meet with me. I generally meet with you at your residence or at location that is convenient for you. We all know how Georgia traffic can be and I want you to be relaxed when we meet.

Will I Receive A Contract?

Yes! Every client receives a contract. This document details all issues pertaining to your event. It’s a binding agreement protecting both of our interests.

How Do I Know Our MC/DJ Will Do What We Want?

At Mike Jones Entertainment and Events my livelihood is dependent upon doing exactly what you want. Without happy clients we would not exist. We have a 20+ year successful track record of doing exactly what our clients want. Simply put, let us know what you want and do not want and that is exactly what you will receive.

Do You Offer Planning & Coordination Services?

Absolutely, we’ll collaborate closely with you to craft an entertainment blueprint that aligns seamlessly with your reception. Functioning as your dedicated Entertainment Coordinator, we’ll orchestrate the reception proceedings in harmony with the caterer, photographer, videographer, and other event specialists. This meticulous coordination guarantees a flawless execution of every facet as envisioned. On your special day, rest assured that every detail is meticulously handled. The ideal music sets the atmosphere, granting you the serenity to revel in the festivities, wear a smile, and create lasting memories.

Will You Advertise At Our Event?

No & Yes! No, we will not display any banners or signs at the DJ table, and no we will not place business cards or advertisements at your guest’s tables. Yes, if one of your guests request information, we will give them a business card to contact us at a later time.

Do You Carry Back Up Equipment?

Yes! At least one back up for each main piece of equipment we are using, so your event is never in jeopardy.

Will Our MC/DJ Get Involved With Our Event?

It’s up to you! Mike Jones Entertainment and Event takes pride in our professional ability to interact with you and your guests tastefully to the level YOU desire. We can customize our DJs performance to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, high-energy excitement or the perfect mix of both.

How Will Our MC/DJ Dress For Our Event?

Our staff prefers to wear a suit for formal events, dress pants, shirt and tie for other events. Should you desire another form of attire, just let us know in advance.

Can We Request Songs?

Yes! You can browse our extensive online music library and select the perfect songs for your celebration. Upon reserving MJEAE you can build a Must Play, Do Not Play and Play If Possible Lists and of course you can save your list at any time all on-line.

Do You Have References?

Yes! If you would like a list of recent references, please give us a call and we will gladly mail, fax or e-mail a list to you. Click here to view our Testimonials page.

Will Your Staff Drink Alcohol During My Event?

Absolutely Not! Our company policy is: No Consumption of Alcohol Before Or During Any Event! You will notice the advantages of having a sober DJ.

Who Controls The Volume?

You Do! You’d be amazed at how many DJs believe more is better! MJEAE, you control the volume according to your wishes. A good DJ wants to please you, not themselves.

Call our office / mobile at 770-402-0805 with any questions you may have and to schedule your personal consultation.

MJEAE holds memberships with the Cobb County Chamber, Buford Business Association, and North American Collective. Our company is fully insured and dedicated to providing complete DJ Entertainment and Event Coordination services.